Code : A000618
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Satyavarapu Seetadevi
Beneficiaries : putta meena
Need : A poor deserving patient need medical support
Location : Rajiv Colony, Srikakulam
Title : Feel the love
“As our awareness of the world and who we are increases, we will grow to replace our needs with service, feel with love and feel the love, with this feel we LAASA provided medical assistance service project through our volunteer satyavarapu seethadevi. Putta Meena age-48 is a resident of Rajiv colony near collector office Srikakulam. She has no one to take care and she is suffering from high diabetes. She is in great need of medicine. We provide medicines to the most deserving patient
Service is eternal support should be spontaneous. Many people are eagerly waiting for the touch of love. Humanity is the only life of this loving world love the poor serve the needy with a sense of…