Code : A000639
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Lingala VaradaRaju
Beneficiaries : Potnuru Krishna
Need : A poor man need medical assistance
Location : Seshapeta (V), Etvherla (M), Srikakulam.
Title : Human equanimity
Many people are waiting outside with stretched arms for the love which is there inside of pour hearts. The love can take any form such as a smile, a touch, a deed, a look and a little care. In this modern era many people are suffering with deadly diseases nothing to be done as poverty is their back. People like us must respond stand, support and serve deserving patients where they do live some more time along with us sharing this earth .please do share your love without hoping even something. Here we rendered medical assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Lingala Varadaraju. Potnuru krishna age 30 is a resident of sesha peta (V), Akkivalasa (P), Etcherla (M), Srikakulam. His both kidneys are failed and now leading his life on dialysis medical support. Earlier he worked as a daily wage labor and now not having enough support even to purchase medicine to his most pathetic condition. We LAASA provide medical support to the most deserving man.
Our volunteers are excellent they donate, they catch the needy, they serve, and they love the deserving and inspire others. This unique organization is not target oriented this is love oriented and here we practice values and aiming the human equanimity in terms of service and also in treating our volunteers. Our blood is love and the bread we provide is love