Code : A000665
Project : Medical Assistance
Volunteer : Ponnada Prasada rao
Beneficiaries : Sodanapalli Saikumar
Need : A poor man need medical assistance
Location : Bukkarayasamudram (v & M), ananthapur (D)
Title : True two eyes
Love means sacrifice, love means service. As long as we have an individual, personal, egoistic desire to enjoy, there is going to be conflict and then we cannot wholeheartedly love each other. We LAASA rendered medical assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Ponnada Prasad rao. S.Saikumar age 23yrs is living in Bukkarayasamudram, ananthapur. He is working as a daily labor and he fell down while working on the roof as he is very poor his mother is unable to provide proper medical treatment to the leg fracture, we LAASA provided medical support to this deserving patient.
The caste creed, the region and the religion are the narrow margins to express our love and gratitude to our beloved humanity. Never compress yourself in the above said mind set because you are born to burn all the illusions that cover the true humanity in this blue planet. We aware of that what we are doing, be loving and be serving because your love and service are the true two eyes to the body of humanity hence