Code : A000672
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Bompada Rama Mohan Rao
Beneficiaries : Muddada rambabu
Need : A poor student need educational assistance
Location : Srikakulam
Title : Love and care
Famous is a temporary make it long germ by putting smiles on people’s hearts and helping others by expecting nothing in return. Be famous and unforgettable for your unconditional love. We LAASA rendered educational assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Bompada Ram Mohan rao. M. Rambabu age-18 studing diploma 2nd year in sri sivani college of engineering chilikapalem srikakulam. his father expired 23-jan-2018, this family don’t have any income source to pay exam fee and college fee so we LAASA provide educational support to this deserving student He have a brother studying ITI 2nd year in Gayatri college Srikakulam he is also studying so this family does need help.
When two friends are walking in a dark road, one of the friend is slipping out and about to fall his cry and other friends try both happened simultaneously and holded the slipping friend shoulder. The support may be a tiny thing but the love and care shown through that is the finest thing in one’s life. We may not live for others constantly there must be a constant thought love in us towards others

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