CODE: A001343

PROJECT : Medical Assistance


VOLUNTEER NAME : Neyyila DamodaraRao

LOCATION : Iddivanipalem, Borivanka, Srikakulam. 

SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To Most Needy And Deserving

Iddi Devaraju Age 20Y Is A Resident Of Iddivanipalem, Borivanka, Srikakulam. This Young Man Belongs To A Fisher Man Community. He Went On Boat Along With Fellow Fisher Man For Hunting. Subsequently They Reached An Island As They Are In Search Of Water This Young Man’S Eyes Fell On A Coconut Tree And Tried To Climb The Tree To Fill His Thirst Because The Drinking Water Which They Have Taken In The Boat Was Over By Them. Accidentally He Fell From The Coconut Tree And His Ribs And Spinal Cord Was Broken And Now He Is Under Medical Treatment At Chennai. This Patient Family Is Utterly Poor To Meet The Massive Surgery Expenditures. we LAASA to provided Medical support to this Most Needy And Deserving under LAASA Medical Assistance service project. This activity is proposed by LAASA Volunteer NEYYILA DAMODARARAO.

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