CODE: A001348

PROJECT : Medical Assistance

BENEFICIARY NAME : Kalakota Abhinesh


LOCATION : Khagaz Nagar, Komurambheem, Asifabad. 

SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To Most Deserving Patient

Kalakota Abhinesh Age 24 Y Is A Resident Of Khagaz Nagar, Komurambheem Asifabad. Earlier This Young Man Worked As A Courier Boy. He Has A Mother And Brother. Recently His Both Legs Under Knee Position Were Amputated Because Of Chronic Vascular Thrombosis Disease. The Bad Blood In The Nerves In The Legs Is Accumulated And The Nerves Were Totally Damaged And There Is No Other Way To Protect This Patient Except Removing The Both Legs. He Belongs To A Very Poor Family And His Condition Is Highly Pathetic. we LAASA to provided Medical support to this Most Deserving Patient under LAASA Medical Assistance service project. This activity is proposed by LAASA Volunteer NAKHEEM BABA.

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