Each individual is different from one another. The Cast, Creed, Culture, Region, Religion & the Language of each of us may be different. But the Unique Element that binds us all is Love.  It has no barriers, neither tough to understand, nor difficult to share. It flows from every heart and can reach anywhere. This is Love All. And the True Love can only be experienced in the practice of Serving the Humanity. This is Serve All. LAASA stands for Love All And Serve All.

This Foundation is laid down on the Philosophy and divine inspiration of Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba. We believe in the words of Jesus Christ ‘Love your neighbour as thyself’. The Foundation functions on the beautiful saying of St. Mother Theresa It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving’. Here all are equal in every aspect starting from donating, serving & working for Foundation.

On 24th October, 2013, the Foundation was registered as Service Oriented Charitable Trust under AP Registration Act. vide Registration Number 30/2013. Sri DSV Bharadwaj was nominated as Founder & Managing Trustee and Smt. D Maheswari as Trustee.

As on 23th JULY, 2021 the Foundation has 6793  Active Volunteers and it has rendered more than 1777 Service Activities in the areas of Food & Nutrition, Basic Needs, Infrastructure Assistance, Medical Assistance, Education and Health Awareness.

Volunteers are the Pillars of this Foundation. They are instrumental in offering donations regularly, observing the surroundings, referring the various Social Needs and rendering Service Activities with the Aid provided by the Foundation. 

We at LAASA Foundation believe in Integrity & Transparency in everything we do. We try the best to main high standards starting from ‘offering committed monthly donations, ‘referring genuine needs of the poor or deserved & maintaining excellent documentation and best accounting practices. We follow the best practices in communicating with volunteers regularly, publishing the activities periodically, and constantly updating the Foundation with valuable feedback and suggestions received from the volunteers.