Why Join Us ?

LAASA Foundation is a Service Oriented Charitable Trust, with the motto of “Love all and Serve all”. There have been more than 6793 volunteers working with our Foundation for the cause of serving the needy. The unique features of LAASA Foundation are…

  • The Foundation nurtures the value ‘Loving One Another’ which is the fundamental element in existence of the Universe
  • The Foundation is totally Volunteer Centered which means the Donor, the Doer and the Developer is the Volunteer himself/herself
  • At LAASA all the Volunteers donate regularly with commitment that enables the Foundation to provide the uninterrupted Service to the needy.
  • The Foundation is Non-discriminatory in accepting, approving the service activity requests received from the Volunteers. We also show utmost care in dealing the  Service Activity requests, with compassion.
  • At LAASA our volunteers also work for the expansion of the Foundation by inspiring and introducing the new.
  • We follow utmost transparency in everything we do at LAASA
  • We have developed an excellent Communications System among our Founders, Administrators, Facilitators and volunteers.

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