The idea of LAASA Foundation came into existence on 13th October, 2013 with initiation of Sri DSV Bharadwaj & Sri Vijayakumar Sunkara. This noble idea is shared among few others i.e Dr. Malathi, P Sudha, M Seetha Mahalaxmi, D Maheswari, J Bharath Charan, S Jayaram Gupta & S Sriraj, at a gathering held at Dr. Malathi’s Residence, Srikakulam.

  • All the participants have shared their views on vision, objectives and functioning of the Foundation and they have concluded the following in the meeting.
  • The foundation shall work as volunteer centric
  • Anybody who wish to join the Foundation should register himself/herself as a Volunteer
  • All the volunteers should donate a monthly specified donation
  • The minimum donation is fixed at a Unit value of Rs.108
  •  A volunteer can donate any number of Units monthly
  • The volunteer shall observe the needy and refer such service activities to the Foundation
  • The Foundation then approves and releases the aid depending upon the funds availability and viability of the activity
  • The volunteers will also help the Foundation to grow by introducing new volunteers.

On 24th October, 2013, the Foundation was registered as Service Oriented Charitable Trust under AP Registration Act. Sri DSV Bharadwaj was nominated as Founder & Managing Trustee and Smt. D Maheswari as Trustee.

To nurture the serving spirit with the inspiration of ‘Love All – Serve All’

To organize the Service Activities transparently through volunteers, with their regular committed contributions