A Flagship Project of LAASA Foundation

Food is the basic element for any life to sustain. As we all are aware of having good and nutrition food, but even today many downtrodden, poor and needy are struggling hard to lead their life with starving. We do come across such needy people in our surroundings. We, at LAASA, provide food, as a prime objective, to the needy, to the neglected old persons, to HIV, leprosy, cancer patients, to the physically challenged and to the deserving. Our Volunteers identify such needy in their surroundings, and place requests to the Foundation. Our vision is to provide food provisions to the most deserving, with love. The food provisions we provide here are not only qualitative but also highly nutritional. We initially provide these provisions, in lump sum, for 100 Days and depending upon the exigency, we will extend the benefit for some more time to the needy. Till date our ‘100 Days Food Project’ has been our Flagship Project.

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Food & Nutrition Project

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CODE: A001420PROJECT : Food & Nutrition AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Shake.BashaVOLUNTEER NAME : POTNURU NARASIMHA MURTYLOCATION : Nanubala Veedhi, Srikakulam.SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Food & Nutrition

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CODE: A001400 PROJECT : Food & Nutrition Assistance BENEFICIARY NAME : V.Ramya VOLUNTEER NAME : Netinti Srinivasa Rao LOCATION : Narasannapeta, Srikakulam SUPPORT : LAASA

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CODE: A001399 PROJECT : Food & Nutrition Assistance BENEFICIARY NAME : Muddada Narasamma VOLUNTEER NAME : Piriya Murali Krishna LOCATION : Muddada, Etcharla Mandal ,Srikakulam

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CODE: A001384 PROJECT : Food & Nutrition Assistance BENEFICIARY NAME : 6 Old Needy Families VOLUNTEER NAME : K V Surya Prakash LOCATION : Around

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CODE: A001381 PROJECT : Food & Nutrition Assistance BENEFICIARY NAME : Temburu Chinnamma VOLUNTEER NAME : Palli Thulasiraj LOCATION : Donuru, Gazipathi District, Orissa SUPPORT

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CODE: A001379 PROJECT : Food & Nutrition Assistance BENEFICIARY NAME : Vamala Venugopalarao VOLUNTEER NAME : Ungarala narasimha Murthy LOCATION : Similiguda, Orissa SUPPORT :

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