A Bud:

Many dreams kissed my sleep when I was a little boy forcing me to taste the highest proficiency and its height. Intention to become this and that, my brilliance lead me to work hard to conquer something in human life, but this zeal did not stay much time as I was hit by a major problem in retina at the age of 8.

My mother alone took up this vision problem of mine as a responsibility without any support. My parents were detached when I was six because of my father’s harassment. Holding a teacher profession, my mother with two children (one boy and one girl) came out of house with empty hands full of debts.

The earlier days when we were 3 were so sweet – not because of comfort but for true care and love share toward each other. She used to cook on coal and served her love by weeping and hugging me every night. Relatives are far like deserts for support and help. In this dry conditions of life, the doctors have diagnosed the problem of vision as retinitis pigmentosa and gave a tablet called “no medicine for this across the globe”.

Running after the hope, she alone with two kids visited many hospitals which includes AIMS – Delhi, but the result is still “absolutely nothing”. On an advice of someone, my mother had joined me in Carnatic Music classes when I was in class 4 where I learnt vocal and violin very lazily. The foundation of music is very strong but the laziness in me highly wrong.

Many aspirations to become something are still alive because the vision is still there. Not knowing the nature of disease i.e., the slow vision deterioration. In class 7, I stood first in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh – India. Then the race horse of disease began to run fast where it had taken me to the level of dependency which include unable to read the printed text this is way back in 1992 when I was in class 10.

Never had I felt any deficit or I am lower than any one because I was born in a spiritual family and was brought up by a courageous mother. Making my mind so strong to face any sort of conditions through her regular guidance and motivation. Here I should quote one name “Brahma” – a student of my mother – who is short but a very genius who inspired my childhood life. Chatting with him, seeking something from him boosted my ambition and giving strength to my dying mind to achieve something. A first class result ended my SSC exams where I’ve written it with the help of a scribe (who writes the exam on behalf of a student when the student tells the answers in verbal form).

Many advised to take Arts group, but I’ve opted MEC (Mathematics, Economics and Commerce) in intermediate. In this I stood first in the college among all the ARTS group writing exam with the help of a scribe, it isn’t that easy. That too, Mathematics, Accounts and Commerce are numerical subjects where description cannot be made but my brain really steered me towards victory on the roads of confidence.

Bachelor of Commerce was the graduation which I obtained from the same government arts college where I never been to any class but enjoyed the campus life sitting under trees, chatting with friends. By name LDPR – the statistics accounts tutor became a good friend of me and inspired me in many ways. He played a vital role in finishing my graduation. In course of time, I applied for B. Ed. Obtained that seat in the category of blind and completed successfully in Eluru, West Godavari – 1999. Through the 2000 D. Sc. I was selected as teacher to work in municipal elementary school, Srikakulam.

I was motivated by my beloved better half who sacrificed everything and accepted me as her life partner with her love and help, I was able to complete another B. A. graduation where it helped in gaining promotion as school assistant in English in the year 2006. God has blessed us with a girl.

As the time passed on, as per the guidelines of Government of Andhra Pradesh, I was promoted as the Panel Head Master of high schools.

This is just a physical achievement with more turns and twists and with more pains and strains. But I never felt this dependent life as a burden to anyone or to me. Many hands wiped off my tears right from my birth. Yet, there is a lot to do and what I had is just…


What I shared till now is a physical status of mine with ample confidence bearing all with a positive approach. Singing, writing lyrics, playing musical instruments, winning competitions, attracting people with good personality gave a satisfaction but the deficit of vision still make me run behind the solution. In a hunt, to seek solution to my vision problem, I had been to Puttaparthi in 1992. “Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba” – the almighty touched my inner soul and raised the internal energy level upto divinity. An arrogant short tempered stupid was greatly influenced with his loving teachings and transformed as a human being. This is the Blossoming stage of my heart which I have to admit the fact.

Pleasing others is the best way of worshipping God. Love – the term doesn’t mean merely the physical interaction nor it’s the relation between the lovers, husband and wife, instead LOVE is above all what we think. For about 21 years I’ve served the society around me a little in many ways which forced me to launch this foundation.

Being human, to serve the humanity is the real serving to God. Meaning of LOVE cannot be defined but only be felt. A gentle touch, a sweet smile, a compassionate look or a cordial call can be the LOVE. In my view, there are three levels of service.

All of us think the physical attention and exercise to help others is service. But we ignore the other two where the real service starts. Think lovingly of others is the prime service is the first level. In the second level, our words cannot fill the bellies but can fill the hearts of them with joy. Let us serve ourselves without any barriers of caste, religion, region and language knowing one reality that one day or the other we are going to check out this “hotel of world”.

Our life is very precious and very short. It’s like the way we think. We are in the deep sense of illusion of darkness. Let us be broad and wide to spread our love into this infinite Universe. I must mention a famous saying “Getting and forgetting is inhumane, Giving and forgiving is DIVINE”. If any work which we render for others with love without any hope or expectation is nothing but service. Sometimes, a question arises “why should we love others as we are not getting love from them”. Look dear, “LOVE is not a transaction to give and take. LOVE is a divine creation”. Do not lock it in the iron safe of your heart. The treasure of LOVE grows more when it goes out of you.

In the term “LOVE ALL”, “ALL” includes everyone. Can be friend or a foe, liking or a disliking. To me with true sense excusing the faults of others and loving the demerits of others is the true LOVE. For this opening of our “HEART LOCKER”, we ought to take out the positive key from our mind.


The first foot step of this foundation is from the first servant of this noble task. I did not agree and actually obey the term “FOUNDER” till now because my hunt for LOVE did not find any end. Being the first servant, I hope that a lamp with fire can lit many lamps. We are all the lamps with fire only. Let us share our service with love to bring this world together as a beautiful home. Do not feel that you are alone. The heart beat tells you 72 times a minute “where there is a will, there is a way…” This effort is selfless. Let us serve all to love all, so the tag for this LAASA foundation is “SERVE WITH LOVE”.

 Loving and Serving all,

 Bharadwaj DSV