A000702 – Love Is A One-Way Street

Code : A000702Project : Food & Nutrition AssistanceVolunteer : IPPILI MURALI KRISHNA Beneficiaries : Paruru Chinnammadu,Korukonda RamanammaSupport : A poor woman’s need Food & nutrition supportLocation : Bontalakuduru Vilage, Srikakulam"Love is a one-way street.  It always moves away from self in the direction of the other.  Love is the ultimate gift of ourselves to others.  When we stop giving we stop loving, when we stop loving we

A000701 – Love Is The Universal Sadhana

Project: Food & Nutrition Assistance Volunteer: KALLEPALLI RAMESH Beneficiary: kallepalli venkatatao Support: A poor family need food & Nutrition Support Location: puppala street, Srikakulam Love is the universal sadhana for realising our inherent divinity. Through the practice or sadhana of love, we realise our source is love, our path is love and our goal is love. We are love. We laasa rendered food & nutrition assistance through our voluntee