CODE: A001368PROJECT : Food & Nutrition AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Basva KumarVOLUNTEER NAME : Chadhuvala NarayanaRaoLOCATION : Bonthalkudu,Srikakulam. SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Food Support To Downtroden FamilyBasva Kumar Age (55) Years Is A Resident Of Bonthalkudu,Srikakulam. He Is Lving Along With His Wife And Daughter.They Have No Shelter Even . They Are Struggeling Even For Food Arasivilli Lakshmi Age (51) Years Is A Resident Of Thotapalem,Srikak


CODE: A001364PROJECT : Food & Nutrition AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Landa PunnammaVOLUNTEER NAME : Muddada RajashekarLOCATION : Killipalem SrikakulamSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Food Support To Most Deserving PatientLanda Punnamma Age 74 Years Is A Resident Of Killipalem Srikakulam. She Is An Old Orphan And She Lost Her Husband Recently. He Died Of Leprosy. And She Is In Great Need Of Food. we LAASA provided Food support to this Most Deserving Patient und


CODE: A001363PROJECT : Food & Nutrition AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Karra.VisalakshiVOLUNTEER NAME : Shavukara VaikuntaRaoLOCATION : Housing board colony , Srikakulam Dist., AP. SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Food Support To Deserving PersonsA Poor And Needy Person Name Karra.Visalakshi, Age:80 Years Living At Housing Board Colony, Srikakulam. She Is Widow. Visalakshi Daughter In Law Rajya Lakshmi And Her Husband Working As Broker Agent At Rto Office. we LA


CODE: A001358PROJECT : Food & Nutrition AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Kongarapu Sree RamuluVOLUNTEER NAME : Rentikota Chinna Appala NaiduLOCATION : Vambay Colony, Srikakulam SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Food Support To Deserving PersonsKongarapu Sree Ramulu Age 70 & Kongarapu Appala Narasamma Age 60 Are The Residents Of Vambay Colony, Srikakulam.Both Are Very Deserving Couple.There Unable To Work They Have No One To Takecare.These Needy Persons Are Faci


CODE: A001357PROJECT : Food & Nutrition AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Neelapu Ammanna & OthersVOLUNTEER NAME : Ruppa Ramana MurthyLOCATION : Sanivada VillageSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Food Support To Deserving FamiliesNeelapu Ammanna A 72-Year-Old Poor Woman Living Alone At Sanivada Village. She Has No Shelter To Live In. She Is Begging For Food. Ungati Chinnamma (Physically Handicapped) Bendi Asirappa, These 4 Poor Old Women Are Very Needy And Deserv


CODE: A001356PROJECT : Food & Nutrition AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Kallepalli RameshVOLUNTEER NAME : Seetha Laxmi MandaLOCATION : Adithya Nagar colony, Arasavalli, Srikakulam SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Food Support To Deserving FamilyKallepalli Ramesh Age 40 Y Is A Resident Of Adithya Nagar Colony, Arasavalli, Srikakulam. He Worked As A Private Employee In A Private Sector. Recently He Met With A Massive Road Accident And His Thigh Is Bone Badly Damage


CODE: A001349PROJECT : Food & Nutrition AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Korada Kalavathi & OthersVOLUNTEER NAME : Loddi Venkata LakshmiLOCATION : Kella Street, SrikakulamSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Food Support To Deserving FamilesKorada Kalavathi,A Poor Old Needy Person Living Alone At Kella Street,Srikakulam, Is Not In A Position To Feed Herself. Let Laasa Provide Food Provisions To This Needy Poor Women. Jada Chenchamma Age 55; Is Physically Very Week


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CODE: A001345PROJECT : Food & Nutrition AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Dharmapu Krishna RaoVOLUNTEER NAME : Paila KarunakarRaoLOCATION : Brahmanatarla, Palasa Mandal, Srikakulam. SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Food & Nutrition Assistance Support To Most Deserving FamilyDharmapu Krishna Rao Age 50 Y Is A Resident Of Brahmanatarla, Palasa Mandal, Srikakulam. He Belongs To A Washer Man Community. Recently He Lost His Elder Son Who Is The Main Earning Source O


CODE: A001328PROJECT : Food & Nutrition AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Madakuriti PrasannakumariVOLUNTEER NAME : Sanapathi VenuLOCATION : Gujarathipeta, Srikakulam. SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Food Support To This ----Madakuriti Prasannakumari Aged 24 Suffering From Asthama And Isnophlis And Using Regular Costly Meficines. She Is Very Poor,Seeking Help From Foundation. She Is Incuring Regular Expenditure On Medicines with Their Little Income. we LAASA provi