A000499 – Ahimsa, Indriyanigraha, Daya And Kshama

Code: A000499 Project: Medical Assistance Volunteer: Gudla Sankara Rao Beneficiaries: Baratam Padmavathi (56) Need: A poor patient need medical support Location: Arasavilli , srikakulam “The third flower that God loves the most is the flower of compassion (daya) towards all living creatures. Live in amity with everyone, but do not have too much connection with people. The fourth special and significant flower that God dearly loves is that of forbeara

A000498 – Surrender to God

Code : A000498 Project : Educational Assistance Volunteer : Gadela Indira Prasad Beneficiaries : Jarajana Koti Need : A poor Orphan need education support Location : devudala, srikakulam “Islam means surrender to God. It teaches that God's Grace can be won through justice and righteous living; and not through wealth, scholarship or power. All who in a spirit of surrender and dedication, live in peace and harmony in society are in fact, followers of I

A000497 – Seek things that are permanent and unchanging

Code : A000497 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Miriyala Prakash Beneficiaries : Korada Bhavani (40) Location : Srikakualam “We eat food today just as we have been doing all these years. We are looking at the same faces today that we have been seeing all these days. Are we asking ourselves, why do we see the same face again and again? We feed the same stomach which we had fed with food yesterday and the day before. Do we ever question why do w

A000496 – Where does God exist

Code : A000496 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Bantupalli Laxmi Prasad Beneficiaries : Pondara Ammayamma (58) Location : Vomaravilli “The question, "Where does God exist," is often trotted out by people nowadays. By unceasing recitation of the name of God, Prahlada knew that God is everywhere! It is not correct to assert, "He is only here" or that "He is not there." The realisation of this eternal Truth can dawn upon you only after intense sp

A000495 – Perform in the present

Code : A000495 Project : Educational Assistance Volunteer : Srinivas Budumuru Beneficiaries : A poor and orphan pursuing B. Tech Location : Srikakulam “Young people, the wealth you earn, the prosperity you acquire, the mansions you will build are all transient and temporary. If you want to lead a life of peace and happiness in future, it depends on the kind of actions you perform in the present. Your conduct is the most important thing in your life; t

A000494 – Triumph over your ego

Code : A000494 Project : Educational Assistance Volunteer : Ganti Venkata Ramesh Beneficiaries : Two orphans in dire need for Educational Assistance Location : P.M.Palem, Visakhapatnam “You read in journals and newspapers about campaigns, conquests, victories, etc., but they are all material conquests. Campaign against the temptations of your senses; conquer your inner foes; triumph over your ego. This is the victory for which you deserve congratulati

A000493 – Realise that it is all false

Code : A000493 Project : Educational Assistance Volunteer : Yagati Venkata Ramana Murty Beneficiaries : Ungarala Nagendra Prasad (18) Need : A poor student in need for Educational Assistance Location : lavaru mandalam, tallavalasa “You must develop the urge and engage yourself in tasks that will take you nearer to God. All spiritual endeavor has as its aim the attraction of the grace of God on oneself. That is why when you go to a temple and stand be

A000492 – Pray for the well-being of the Universe

Code : A000492 Project : Educational Assistance Volunteer : Allamsetty Appalaraj Beneficiaries : Potnuru Srinu Need : A poor student in need for financial assistance Location : Balaga, Srikakulam “Many people come to Me distraught and pray, “Swami, I have no peace. Please bless me with peace of mind”. Remember, peace cannot be got from the outer world; it has to be sought in the heart! Wicked desires breed misery; beneficial desires result in joy. Th

A000491 – Redeem your lives

Code: A000491 Project: Medical Assistance Volunteer: Malavalasa Swetha Beneficiaries: PatnanaEswaraRao Need: A poor patient need medical support “Students, youth, your hearts are tender and unsullied. Develop broadmindedness. From this very moment itself, you must foster pure thoughts. Plant the seed of selfless love in your pure hearts. It will grow and from that tree of love, you will receive the fruits of forbearance, compassion and kindness. Alway

A000490 -Inner Essense

Code : A000490 Project : Medical Assistance Volunteer : Potnuru Prakash Beneficiaries : Patnana Ammalu (52) Need : A poor and old lady suffering from Cervical Cancer Location : voppangi srikakulam “One may desire something good. That is due to the inner prompting, the Iccha sakthi, but one cannot fulfill that desire, unless one proceeds according to a plan which can guarantee success. The desire has to be developed into a deed. This requires Kriya sa