Code : A000492
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Allamsetty Appalaraj
Beneficiaries : Potnuru Srinu
Need : A poor student in need for financial assistance
Location : Balaga, Srikakulam

“Many people come to Me distraught and pray, “Swami, I have no peace. Please bless me with peace of mind”. Remember, peace cannot be got from the outer world; it has to be sought in the heart! Wicked desires breed misery; beneficial desires result in joy. The removal of desire ensures peace (Shanti). When desire after desire multiply in your mind, how can you gain peace? After bhajan and meditation, you repeat Shanti thrice praying for physical, mental and spiritual peace. Only when you are aware of the same soul present in all can you receive peace as a blessing. Most of the time, your mind is tending towards evil (durmathi). You must direct your mind and your intellect into propitious channels of peace and prosperity. Through consistent spiritual practice (Sadhana), correct your faults and mould your excellences to ensure peace for yourself, your society and your nation. Pray daily for the well-being of the Universe, “Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu” (May all the beings in all the worlds be happy)..”
LAASA salutes its volunteer Allamsetty Appalaraj who has explained the meaning and the inner essence of all the vedas by identifying needy people – the residents of Balaga, Srikakulam – Potnuru Srinu age-17, studying 2nd intermediate is a very poor and meritorious student whose father Potnuru Appalaraju a petty street vendor who works and earns a little for his family. LAASA has committed to extend hand by providing the necessary Educational Assistance that would help the poor student meet the educational needs.
The basic essence of all the Vedas is to serve the needful with purity at heart with unity. As always LAASA is to Love all and Serve All to infinity and beyond.