CODE: A001418PROJECT : Medical AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Botta AdilaxmiVOLUNTEER NAME : GURUGUBELLI DILLESWARA RAOLOCATION : Muddada, Etcharla Mandal, SrikakulamSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To Needy PatientBotta Adilaxmi age 46 y is a resident of Muddada, Etcharla Mandal, Srikakulam. she had a right limb surgery and she is in great need of medical treatment. She belongs to very poor and needy family. This family is Struggling very hard for h


CODE: A001417PROJECT : Medical AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Kolleti Uma SankarVOLUNTEER NAME : SOWJANYA KONDURULOCATION : Ramachandrapuram, East GodavariSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To Needy & Deserving PatientKolleti Uma Sankar age 45 y is a resident of Ramachandrapuram, East Godavari. he is a Paralyzed patient and earlier he worked as a daily wage labor. now he became bed ridden patient. He had 2 children and wife. This patient is highly


CODE: A001411PROJECT : Medical AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Mailapalli SasikanthVOLUNTEER NAME : KASPA RAMESHLOCATION : Dammala Street, srikakulamSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To Blood Infected PatientMailapalli Sasikanth age 24 y is a resident of Dammala Street, srikakulam. He is suffering from blood infection and he is victim of covid-19. His father is a daily wage labor. there is no proper financial source even for basic medical treatment. We


CODE: A001407PROJECT : Medical AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Yeddu PrasadVOLUNTEER NAME : PAILA APPALANAIDULOCATION : Jonnada, VizianagaramSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To Young PatientYeddu Prasad age 21 y is a resident of Jonnada, Vizianagaram. We LAASA provided Medical Support To Young Patient  Under LAASA Medical Assistance service project. This activity is proposed by LAASA Volunteer PAILA APPALANAIDU.Love All And Serve All


CODE: A001404PROJECT : Medical AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Mallipeddi UmaluVOLUNTEER NAME : DAVARAPALLI SRINIVASARAOLOCATION : Manguvarithota, SrikakulamSUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To A Cancer PatientMallipeddi Umalu age 48 y is a resident of Manguvarithota, Srikakulam. she is suffering from uterus cancer and her husband is an Electrician where he also had an accident and recovered. she is highly deserving and she is undergoing medical treatm


CODE: A001403PROJECT : Medical AssistanceBENEFICIARY NAME : Kishore ChowthaVOLUNTEER NAME : PYDISETTY JAGANMOHAN RAOLOCATION : Tulasi Nagar, Borabanda, Hyderabad.SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To Deserving Patient.Kishore Chowtha Age 32y Is A Resident Of Tulasi Nagar, Allapur, Borabanda, Hyderabad. He Is Having A Wife And Daughter.Earlier He Worked As A Cab Driver, But Now He Is On Bed As His Leg Was Injured In A Road Accident.Subsequently He Had


CODE: A001397 PROJECT : Basic Needs Assistance BENEFICIARY NAME : Pagoti Ravi Gowri Shankar VOLUNTEER NAME : Paddapati Mrudula LOCATION : Maddilapalem, Vishakapatnam SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Basic Need Support To Deserving Patient Pagoti Ravi Gowri Shankar Age 27Y Is A Resident Of Maddilapalem, Vishakapatnam. He Is A Blind Person And He Is Physically Too. His Father Is A Daily Wage Labor. This Young Man Is Facing Lot Of Difficulty For Proper Food And Medic


CODE: A001396 PROJECT : Medical Assistance BENEFICIARY NAME : Kaligiri Raju VOLUNTEER NAME : Kodali Siva Phanidra LOCATION : Pedapachilla Village, Ravikakantham, Vishakapatnam SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To Needy And Deserving Patient Kaligiri Raju Age 49 Y Is A Resident Of Pedapachilla Village, Ravikakantham, Vishakapatnam. Earlier This Person Worked As A Daily Wage Labor. Now His Both Kidneys Are Failed And Leading His Life On Dialysis Suppo


CODE: A001395 PROJECT : Medical Assistance BENEFICIARY NAME : Gali Tarakeswara Reddi VOLUNTEER NAME : Yarra Sadasiva Rao LOCATION : Gudivedi, Srikakulam SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To Very Needy Person Gali Tarakeswara Reddi Age 28 Y Is Aresident Of Gudivedi, Srikakulam. Some 7 Years Back, He Had A Neuro Problem. It Led To Total Parallelization. There Is No One In The Family Who Is Working And Earning. He Is In Great Need Of Medical Treatment.


CODE: A001394 PROJECT : Medical Assistance BENEFICIARY NAME : Kondagorri Ameela VOLUNTEER NAME : Vooyika Ganapathi LOCATION : Gadikarem Vill, Seethampeta, Srikakulam SUPPORT : LAASA Provided Medical Support To Very Poor And Down Trodden Lady Kondagorri Ameela Age 20 Y Is A Resident Of Gadikarem Vill, Seethampeta, Srikakulam. She Is Studying B Tech And She Is Suffering From Chronic Skin Related Disease. She Lost Her Father Earlier And Mother Is The Only Bre