Doorway to Success

Educational Assistance
P Bhagya Lakshmi
Students who are economically backward who need books, stationery and plates for their mid day meals
LAASA’s Solution
Stationery containing books, Pencils, erasers and steel plates for their mid day meals
25 economically backward students
Barshapet, Koukur, Telangana

“Education is lifelong learning–to learn, to live and to survive. We have to ask ourselves whether we have these three components of education. Primary education is the source of education and reforming primary education is vital for empowering education.I realised that I should pursue something to do with flying. Students must be inculcated with the capacities for research or inquiry, for creativity and innovation, to use high technology, entrepreneurial leadership and moral leadership to turn them into nation-builders.”

– Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

LAASA has provided 150 notebooks and other stationery items along with stainless steel plates to 25 poor young little children who are studying in the Govt school of Bashapet, Koukur Telangana. LAASA has done this noble activity with the help of its volunteer P Bhagya Lakshmi.

Those little kids in that school have their dreams. It’s our responsibility to give the next generations a hope. We should show them the doorway to pursue – to excel and to succeed their goals.As always, LAASA is to serve with infinite Selfless Love.