Know the truth that God is in you


Project:Educational Assistance

Volunteer:Kolluru Venkata Srinivas

Need:A poor and deserving student

LAASA’s Solution:Provided educational assistance

Beneficiaries:Kolluru Venkata Srinivas

Location:Madhavadhara, Visakhapatnam, AP.

The sadhana(spiritual discipline) of seva(selfless service) is quite distinct. In sevayou devote all your energy and attention to the task at hand, for it is a dedicated task. You forget the body and ignore its demands. You set aside your individuality and its prestige and perquisites. You pluck your ego by its roots and cast it away. You give up your status, conceit, your name and form and keep all chitta (consciousness) pure. What­ever the task you are performing, renounce your personal individuality and share its travails and troubles, its fruits and benefits with God.

In such a way of serving others, our volunteer Kolluru Venkata Srinivas has identified a needy and poor student Kolluru Sai Prashanth S/O Late K.P.D.Sharma at Madhavadhara, Visakhapatnam. Prashanth is studying second year Inter and his mother is a house wife. They are facing difficulty paying the college fee. LAASA provided educational Assistance to this deserving student.

You need not bring in God from somewhere outside you. He is in you all the while. This truth must be your own discovery, your own treasure, your own strength.