Cultivate compassion

Project:Educational Assistance
Need:Poor and deserving student
LAASA’s Solution:Provided educational assistance
Location:Mandhapuram Colony, Tekkali, Srikakulam, AP.
First cultivate humility and compassion. Then, learn the knowledge and the skill needed for the particular sevā(service) project. Thus, you can make your life meaningful. By this means, you can add to the ānanda(joy) of the person who has given you the chance to render this sevā(selfless service) to your fellow human beings.

Volunteers of LAASA are proving their intention of filling the joy in the foundation by their selfless sacrifice. One of such volunteers is BammidiKalyanaChakravarthi who has identified a needy student Duvvada Naresh studying 2nd year Diploma at Mandhasa. He lost his father and his mother was working as a daily wage labour at Tekkali. She is not able to pay her son’s college fee due to their poverty. LAASA provided educational assistance to this deserving student.