Code : A000433
Project : Basic Needs Assistance
Volunteer : Lopinti Bhavani
Need : Fire accident victim families
LAASA’s Solution : Provided basic needs assistance
Beneficiaries : 6 poor and needy families
Location : Chandramahantipeta, Vomaravalli village, Srikakulam Dist.
The word “Seva” is a Sanskrit word often associated with the facet of yoga meaning “service.” However, it is more than just a simple desire to help others. “Seva” is actually composed of two words, “saha,” which means “with that,” and “eva,” which means “too.” Taken as a whole, the word “seva” means “together with” and describes the actions that seek collective uplifting through the understanding of the needs of others and are based on togetherness and integration. It is an expression of compassion for others and a genuine desire to uplift those around you.
Through the spirit of selfless action, when we have nothing to gain and nothing to lose by not doing, performing acts of Seva through our actions, we attain that height of realization into a higher level of consciousness. The practice of Seva becomes a path to self-realization which is the essence of love.
With this spirituality, our volunteer Lopinti Bhavani has identified 6 poor and needy fire accident victims at Chandramahantipeta, Vomaravalli village, Srikakulam Dist. Due to a fire accident, six families lost their homes. All the property which belong to these poor families were burnt to ashes. They lost everything and were in dire need. We the LAASA provided basic needs assistance to these needy and deserving families.