Code : A000579
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Mavuduru venkat kumar raju
Beneficiaries : R.P. Vidya Ganesh and R.Naga Sirisha
Need :A poor student need educational assistance
Location : Visakhapatnam
Title : A beautiful creeper
Believe that your god, the form that you revere, is in every one and sanctify every act as worship of that form. If we feel it, it will be done like that if we do it with the sense sacred. we will definitely revive the highest peak of joy all deeds may not provide this but at least let us do some selfless things where the valuable reveres does through us LAASA here performed educational assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. Mavuduru venkat kumar raju.
R.P.Vidya Ganesh and Sirisha are siblings. Their father is a labour and unhealthy. The siblings are very good at studies and as their father is ill they are facing problems to pay the college fee. They reside at Akkayyapalem in visakhapatnam. We LAASA provided educational assistance to the most deserving student.
A beautiful creeper needs a good support to crawl and to grow even the inter relatively needs an assurance of support when the financial conditional are most favor enough here we LAASA supported a meritorious student where he could prove and raise and stand and live and lead his and his family life hence…