Code : A000585
Project : Personality Development
Volunteer : DSV Bharadwaj
Beneficiaries : Saispurthi Institute of Technology
Purpose : To benefit and enlighten the students
Location : G Gangaram, Sattupalli, Khammam
Title : Self blossoming
Cultivate the spirit of service and engage in some programs of service, have compassion towards others; that is the best method of reaching them. Let them grow in faith, faith in the god ness of mankind .serving the mankind is the best way to notice the divinity with in oneself here is such inspiring service rendered under personality development service project through our volunteer Mr. Dsv Bharadwaj.
saispurthi institute of technology in a college engineering polytechnique and MBA students on the invitation of the college management we the LAASA foundation conducted a personality development program tippled ” SELF BLOSSOMING”. This program to be conducted in 4 sessions. To the program we wish to establish the values of love service taking the values of life and parents. giving knowledge about understanding and adjustment and make students know above the concept of “LOVE ALL AND SERVE ALL” all these sessions will be conducted in the mode of interaction. Service activities of the LAASA foundation are described at the end. This most wonderful activity founder president dSV Bharadwaj is attending along with LAASA volunteer Raghu Sura. this activity is initiated by LAASA volunteer vemula suresh who is a lecturer in saispurthi institute of technology college inspiration can be passed from one to another is cannot be taken it cannot be given through LAASA this personality development session rendered by the founder felt in a marvelous way here hundreds of young generation are inspired through the values orated by beloved founder