Code : A000610
Project : Basic Needs Assistance
Volunteer : patnala krishna rao
Beneficiaries : Sukku Bhaskara rao, Sukku Varalakshmi
Need : A poor couple need basic need assistance
Location : Hayathinagaram, gujaratipeta
Title : Dream for better life
“When we replace a sense of service and gratitude with a sense of entitlement and expectation, we quickly see the demise of our relationships, society, and economy”. Ever do service without hope and expectation this is equality to penance LAASA here does such basic need assistance service project through our volunteer Mr. P. Krishna rao.
Sukku Bhaskara rao,Varalakshmi poor and needy couple are living with their 2 children at hayathinagaram , Srikakulam . They are just daily wage workers. They are living in a hut and it caught fire because of a gas cylinder blast and everything turns to ash. We LAASA provide basic need things to the most deserving fire accident victimized family.
one day we will die before to that moment we must realize that why we are born as soon as we realize this we can enjoy bliss for the rest of our whole life from that realization moment dream for better life not just ourselves but also furthers.

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