Code : A000627
Project : Personality Development
Volunteer : Dsv Bharadwaj
Beneficiaries: Santiniketan Junior and Degree College Students
Need : To enlighten and brighten the students
Location : Ranastalam, srikakulam
Title : Self-blossoming
There is no higher calling than service to your fellow man, and to do so through your own personal mastery of a craft is a gift enjoyed by few. Cultivate this gift, and give it away.” “The Words only reveal half of your heart. Service defines the other half. Character is the combination of the two.” character does not find in what you wearing and how you look ,it is about all personality, character is injected in our personality how to behave and how to talk with others and how to motivate others with our lovely words, with this character our LAASA founder Dsv Bharadwaj rendered personality development service project.
santiniketan junior and degree college authorities we lAASA foundation conduct a personality development session to their 550 students on 9-12-2017 at santiniketan institute ranastalam srikakulam.
Life on this earth may be short but it must be a sample for the others to follow. we think that we are leading our own life and individual life but being a part and parcel of this social communal system our personality we have a great reflection on this nature at a path with your shine of character at a road Map with a true ideology where the coming generations can have your footprints to follow and your values to adopt we LAASA LOVE ALL AND SERVE ALL

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