Code : A000645
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Vishwanadha Santosh Kumar
Beneficiaries : Manthrirao Sai srikar, Manthrirao Sri Vaishnavi
Need : A poor students need educational assistance
Location : kunchala kurmayya peta, navabharat jn., sklm.
Title : Destiny of love
I don’t know actually what the meaning of maturity is but for me maturity is when a person hurts you and try to understand their situation rather than hurting them back. Help ever hurt never is a gate way reach the destiny of love and service. we LAASA rendered educational assistance Service project through our volunteer Mr. viswanadha santosh kumar. Manthrirao Sai srikar, age 8 studying 2nd class, Manthrirao Sri Vaishnavi age 6 studying U.K.G are children of Manthri Rao Santhosh Kumar & Rajini. They are living in kunchala kurmayyapeta, Navabharat jn., sklm. Manthrirao Santhosh Kumar father of these children met with a road accident and now he is taking bed rest in 1year due to leg injury. Earlier he worked as a priest and there is no one to earn for this family. The mother is unable to pay the two kids school fee. We LAASA provide education support to this deserving people.
A little help may create good things a person who receives it always help with the note of love. let the gratitude slow naturally rather than our hope. Generosity is very important for any gentle genuine life kindness we show upon man’s kind we probably the first help that anyone could do