Code : A000667
Project : Educational Assistance
Volunteer : Mary Vijaya Kumari
Beneficiaries: Tammireddy Nagendra
Need : A poor student need educational assistance
Location : vijayanagaram, thotapalem
Title : Promise yourself
We can show our love for god by how we respect, how we serve, how we honor, and how we love each other. Chat is the greatest necessity-to create a very deep from real unity. And that unity of inner compassion born of unity between the soul and god is the greatest strength on earth. We LAASA believe in this rendered educational assistance service project through our volunteer Mrs. Mary vijaya kumari. Tammireddy Nagendra age-17, studying inter 2nd year is a resident of thotapalem Vizianagaram district. he is very poor and needy and a meritorious student. his father working as a daily wage labour. we LAASA provide education assistance support this deserving student. Who is studying sri sai gayatri junior college naidu colony vizianagaram.
When something is missing in someone’s life do promise yourself. Come forward give a supportive hand uplift them treat with love and serve with care we do to the needy in this manner. Hence, we can say that serving with love is the prime ritual that LAASA does

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