Sometimes both ends will not meet together. Bread winning is highly a task and filling their bellies is merely star reaching. Some tears moves us and makes our eyes wet with what we see and listen. We cannot question god for this but we can do some good to wipeout the tears of needy. Here is a living story which LAASA is honored to serve such needy.

Our volunteer Mr V Govindarao has identified 2 needy families of Ijjadupalem a remote village of Laveru mandal, Srikakulam district. There are pathetic and sorrow conditions in this village. Ratnalu an old lady who is single no one is there to care or share, unable to work and no food to eat.

Gopalarao who is with his wife and with his 2 children, is a patient. He is unable to work and cannot bring food to his home although is young. His wife is struggling with fate to bring some food. He has to go every month to Visakapatanam for free medicine but no money to pay the bus fare.

Our beloved volunteer with the help of our foundation has provided the both families the grosary for hundred days which consists 18 items such as rice, oil, dall, flour, bathing soaps, detergent, shampoo, coconut oil etc.,

We don’t know whether we feed them forever or not but for coming 100 days the sacrifice of LAASA Volunteers is filling their bellies in the form of food.

The desire of LAASA to wipeout at least a few tears of needy is manifested here. We all should thank our volunteer Govind for giving us the gift of bliss through LAASA’s bless to the needy.

Let us Serve All by Loving All