One can only wonder, the extent to which one small help done to a fellow human, can change us. Perhaps, we might think of it as any normal gesture, logically, it should indeed seem so, but the emotional component of our human brain would render such acts to difficult to understand, that when we go through such an experience, we would emerge as totally changed people. Perhaps it might be the hardships which the others are facing, perhaps their destitution, their way of living, or the difficult times to which they are subjected… Whatever be they, they sometimes have such a profound effect on our minds, that we undergo a mental transition, something which steels our minds and our wills to help such people, no matter what the outcome..

Perhaps that’s what our volunteers – Priyanka, Mohana, Bhavana and Kishan went through… One could only wonder, but it must have been a really enlightening experience if they even carried the weight of the children they helped, with them, even after long helping them, in their minds..

The Uma Manovikasa Kendram, in Srinivasa Nagar, Ongole, is a home for Mentally retarded children. Our four volunteers came across this home, after a lot of enquiry, for they were on the look out, to do some good, to make a difference, which makes all the difference, when they realise what their help would mean. The plight of the children moved them and they wanted to do something.
They speculated a lot of ways to help them, medicine, food and many more, but ultimately decided that they would gift new clothes to all the forty two children present there. And all along the while, all along the way, what they were observing was having a slow effect on their mind, the effect that is present on every young mind, which tries to do some good in this world. All of them are youngsters, not even 22 years old and to be precise, they were emphatizing with the 42 children whom they were trying to help.

On the Occasion of Ugadi, they gifted new clothes to every child in the Manovikasakendram and made them wear the clothes. One can only wonder at what those children must have felt like, but our young volunteers were almost moved to tears, which only shows how much they have felt sorry for the state of those young children, for having to suffer, in this world.

When they were talking to our representatives, one can only imagine the extent to which they were moved. IT made us all the more happy. to Empathize with the victims of fate and time would inculcate a responsibility in those who do; the Responsibility to help out such victims by lending them a helping hand, in whatever possible manner. That’s what these young minds have done. And that’s what LAASA always applauds. Because unless we understand something, we can never feel its true effects. Even a monster will cry out in pain when hurt. Those, who understand this, will never throw the first punch, even to a monster. This, is Social Empathy.

We are proud of our Volunteers. And we strive and urge everyone, from time to time, to indulge in more and more activities, like the one that our four volunteers – Priyanka, Bhavana, Mohana and Kishan have done – Empathize with the helpless and lend them a helping hand, with affection and love…

For this is what LAASA is all about. We help people, we Love people and we only ask, that you too Love people, help people. You needn’t be a member of us to Love your fellow man, but when you do, we would gladly welcome you with open arms, without any hesitation.

For we are the LAASA Foundation. And we Love all and Serve All…