Our society is formed with men, ordinary, common men. Even the extraordinary men of our society, were born ordinary. Lord Ram, Prophet Muhammad, Lord Jesus, Guru Nanak and so many other Gods and Deities in so many other cultures, known and unknown, were all born as normal human beings, but yet, it was the deeds that performed, that made them Extraordinary, beyond extra ordinary, Divine, Forever…

They were the Pioneers who transformed our lowly lives into ones of Blessed faith and energy and they forever changed the very face of humanity, “through the Deeds they performed”. Whoever be the God, they were an Avatar, on the face of this planet and they all spoke about and spread words, “You all have the same Power in you, which is there in Deities like us. Use it, for your good, for the good of your fellow brother”…

Sometimes, it takes an experience, a life changing experience, to remember these words. Perhaps that was what G.Balaraju, an Esteemed Member of our LAASA Community went through, which led him, to perform the activity, about which, this writ is.

G. Balaraju is hard working person, who strives day and night, for earning money for his family and among that money, he finds enough, to donate to LAASA’s cause; a truly noble act. Yet, this seemed less to him, as what he performed spoke even more about his resonating inner desire; to make this land a better place to live.

It must have been an Inner struggle, looking for some reason, to start helping people, or maybe, it was the plight of Lacchamma…

Barla Lacchamma is a very poor lady, who hails from the Village – Thandyala Peta, Gara Mandalam, Srikakulam district, the same village as Balaraju’s. To say that she’s poor would be an understatement; it was pure destitution. No food to eat, with no means to live, times had forced her to start begging and it was perhaps finally, that God took pity on her. The pity, came in the form of Balaraju.

He couldn’t take it, perhaps. It must have eaten him, from inside. He wanted to give her money, but he knew too good, that once that money was over, she would be back to the same position. He knew he had to do something. And being a member of the LAASA organisation means that for those who want to do some good, we would provide the means.

Lacchamma was immediately enrolled to receive eatables under the LAASA Hundred days Food programme. She was provided with rice and groceries worth a thousand rupees and we would be monitoring her situation for the coming months, to see that we keep her away, from her destituion, for as long as we can.

Its acts like this, that show the real potential, inside every person, LAASA member, or not. The true power that resides inside everyone, but when given the chance to manifest, would Grow like a Wave and wash out every difficulty, that would trouble the Good and the Innocent, of our society, of the whole World, if necessary. Our Deities were all Individuals who walked this Earth, before they forever became Immortal, through the Deeds they performed. Remember that. For activities like these, remind us, that we too have that Potential, inside everyone of us.

And it will forever, be ours, LAASA’s responsibility, to see if we could bring out this Potential, inside every potential human being. For what more could be better, than helping thy fellow Human, the Fact, the Axiom, upon which LAASA is based.