Always we say that life is a gift of god. In general, how do we use gifts we receive…? Some in store room, some in showcase and some will be used particularly and purposefully. In the first line, as we said this life is a gift of God, how we all deal with these gifts of lives? But the ultimate utilization of this life gift to think that it is an instrument to love and serve others. Let us not put our life gift in the store room called laziness or let us not just preach and pretend this life gift in the form of showcase. Let us try to utilize this gift as an instrument not only to our near and dear, but also for the needy and poor.

Always there is a supportive pillar or a pole even for a little hut or to a great mansion. Here our volunteer Mr. Pekala Rama Krishna has identified the most remote village by name Sirusuvada, Kotturu Mandal, Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh. 50 downtroden children are studying 1 to 5th classes in this primary school they all take their mid-day meal in different bowls, plates of plastic, aluminum and steel.

LAASA Foundation felt privilege in providing 50 Stainless Steel Plates to these little citizens by supporting them saying ‘we are there to care not in just words but in true actions’. Mr. Bharat Charan assisted this noble cause. Once again let us rededicate and pat on our shoulders and live as useful gifts and instruments given by the almighty to this wonderful world. For we Love all and Serve all.