We all have taken birth with a grace and love of our beloved parents. We must say that the real asset given by our parents is our birth. We sometimes witness brothers and sisters, sometimes quarrel for assets with their own parents not knowing the above fact.

We do not consider the value of people as long as they stay with us. When a person moves out from this world, the deficit will have a greater impact on their bonded relations. Now a days, we witness many orphanage homes, where children are motherless, fatherless, both mother and father less, not bothered or cared by the relatives, just lead their lives on the mercy of some serving kind hearted persons. Basically we all are humans. We create many barriers with our selfish thoughts like caste, creed, religion and region. But for serving humanity, these barriers will not obstruct.

Many noble souls are sacrificing their lives to maintain orphanage and oldage homes. Such home is SARAS – Serve All to Reach All Society, which was identified by our volunteer Mr. Murthy VRK Moturu and entered it with a question ‘what can I do for you?’ they replied…

“There are 36 orphan children taking shelter in SARAS orphanage home, Shameerpet, Rangareddy Dist. Telangana. They are going to a nearby convent but they have a huge deficit of uniforms.”

Being a scientist and a busy person our volunteer Mr. Murthy has taken huge strain in contacting LAASA and the SARAS home authority and the school management. With the heartfelt support of our foundation we have provided uniforms to 36 orphan children where Mr. Sai Krishna, Laxminath, Swapna have also taken part along with Mr. Murthy in this noble task.

A boy of 5 years who is doesn’t have both mother and father hugged the new pair of uniform to his heart and jumped in joy as if he got wonderful gift… yes, this is really a wonderful gift, not just by material and but with love and sense of service. Love is not an element or just for a moment. It’s a constant flow from heart to heart. For we Love All and Serve All.