World is a center of many dramas. We are unaware of characterizations in these plays. We all are equal when we are born but the fates of the people differentiate the single group of human beings into many. Sometimes, even the elements curse and turn the lives of the most downtrodden people. The reasons cannot be interpreted and the losses cannot be identified, but one thing we can firmly say that their fate has burned their lives.

The fire – one of the five elements of nature is an essential one. It is unimaginable if the fire fires on us. There were two most downtrodden families living in Thonangi Village, Srikakulam Dist., Andhra Pradesh, one by name Polusu Seetharam – a palm wine vendor living with his two children and wife another family being Nakkala Erramma living with her daughter. Their huts are their mansions. But the fire cursed and burned these two huts into ash. Their clothes, utensils and everything else were sm’ashed’. This happened on 25th November, 2014. The very next day, our Volunteer Mr. D. V. Dharma Rao and P. Pavan Kumar brought this news to our LAASA Desk.

LAASA responded like a bullet and promptly stood as supportive pole for the fire accident victims and provided rice and grocery, clothes, utensils, blankets to them. LAASA’s compassion is spontaneous and our love is marvelous. This appraisal was given by the villagers. For our LAASA, we have just shown our humanity. For this we need not do any publicity because, the love is spread like air and the love of LAASA is also spread like air. Neither we take their pain out nor do we give them a gain. LAASA is just a gentle love rain.