When times on this earth revolves round the fate of the human revolves around the time . The digestive fact of fate and it’s influence over mankind is unimaginable . All the days of human and all the rays of the sun will not be alike. The brightest roads sometimes absorb in darkness then the destiny is uncertain and the journey causes huge pain .
May be the god who pains all the figures of our lives is unique. It cannot be estimated or assumed. We should the hold the rope and lead a tear shedding life to make it on, but being fellow beings every loving human must obviously love their neighbor not just for something but for love. God has created wealthy and poor , fortunate and unfortunate to spread the message of brotherhood of mankind . We all are individuals but interrelated. We need everyone for the sake of being loved. Even the worst of fate can be wiped out just with our gentle touch of love. Such love is marvelous and fabulous.
Our volunteer Mr. D. Gollababu has identified a poor lady by nema V.Tavitamma who is old and has no one to care is leading a pathetic life with her two grand children who are just kids and studying at a local school . She lost her son and daughter – in -law and hugging herself in cry for her dry days is in the meet of hand to mouth is merely in struggle . Looking at this poor family’s condition at pattikayavalasa village srikakulam district LAASA showered it’s love like a rain in their dried hearts . We the LAASA adopted this needy family for one year and we will take care of their welfare . Caring is the reflection of love . Sharing is the reaction of love. For our LAASA , we care and share only love just for love.