Education is a boon to any student in this world. Professional courses are the best choice to prove one’s brilliancy. That too a course like medicine is a dreaming star line for any young student.

Some students although they came from the remote rural background, prove their abilities in achieving good ranks in entrance tests. But they do struggle to pay the basic fee because of their poor domestic conditions.

There are many such economically backward meritorious students stretching their arms with anxious for a gentle donor to come and hug their need. Such was Mr.S.Ravikumar studying final year MBBS at NRI Medical college, Mangalagiri, Guntur Dist., AP.

He was just about to give his final year examinations. Tears came from his eyes when the authorities of the college refused to issue his hall ticket as he did not pay his hostel fee. His father expired a long time back where his brother used to take care of him and his studies. Suddenly, his brother was unable to pay the fee because he was not doing well with his health.

Lucky on part of Ravikumar, that a co-student of him Miss P.Sindhura a volunteer of LAASA had cased and transmitted the issue to the foundation to solve. We the LAASA always serve with love basing on the ground realities given by the volunteers. Our volunteers are donors, activity renderers and everything. Hence, LAASA foundation is volunteer centric.

Through our volunteer, we supported him to the maximum extent and paid the hostel fee so that he would be able to write the exams in reaching his dreams. As an individual we cannot achieve this kind of noble deeds, if we are united, we can prove that ourselves with the power of our love we can reach any noble or generous task.