A man’s life is divided into many stages according to age. As a proverb, we declare “old is gold” but if we match this statement to the age of a person, old age is not an age of gold. In this speedy time and with the micro-family system, parents are really becoming the pressurized orphans in their old age.

We cross all the stages of childhood, youth, middle-age and reach the final stage of old age. For a fact, really, this stage of old age needs much support and care equivalently like childhood. Unaware of the truth that even the children of these old parents will one day become old, they are not taking care of their beloved parents. Passing of time, keeping health in a sound way, sharing views-all these aspects are most typical for the old people to handle. Think of if these pitiable conditions will be added by the miserable poverty. The answer is unimaginable.

Muscles will not allow to work. Joints will not allow to move. Sense organs slowly lose their identity. The bowl of rice is empty. Children who are there for them do not care. Cannot go out to work. Cannot sit simply. Because even the food from hand to mouth is a hard task.

Yes! This is neither somewhere nor in some country. This is around us. Our volunteers Mr.S.Raju and B.Balaji have identified such old lonely support less poor couple Mr. V.Rama Rao and Mrs.Suryam at Amadalavalasa in Srikakulam Dist. Enough food to fill their bellies is a challenging task for these old and deaf persons.

We the LAASA like a care taker provided food under LAASA 100 day food program. Not just to fulfill the request of the volunteer but we are trying hard to make the happiness blossom in the eyes of these needy people. We shower and share our love to prove in each deed that humanity stays forever and ever till the last breath of this world.