The end of education is character; the end of knowledge is wisdom. This is said by a great saint Swami Vivekananda. Good study is not great education. In fact, the physical education can be titled as a study. The true sense of knowing what we are and why we are born is the real education in terms of perfect defining. We all try to learn more and earn more. Physically this learning may provide you a comfortable and a luxurious life but, just have a bit of thought over inner sense. It needs the realization which is possible by true education. This sort of education firstly refines the thoughts, shines the speech and builds the character.

Obviously and hopefully, even today’s modern studies must divert our knowledge to such sort of divine status. Let us expect that parents, teachers and students will have the convection to adapt and adorn their hearts with values. Even the physical studies are highly needed for our existence.

We the LAASA have provided educational assistance by volunteer Satyavati and team at K.Kotapadu village, Visakhaptnam dist. to a very meritorious and economically backward student by name Bharati. Let us wish that future generations will flourish with values and shine at the heights like twinkling stars.