If we possess love through our eyes, we can love the world. If we possess love through our tongue, the world will love us. This fantastic line delivers the importance of our speech. The word service is not confined to physical deeds.Even the comfort oriented words, soft and smooth speech will refresh and console any suffering heart. The reason is quite simple i.e., man is made up of flesh and blood; mind is made up of emotions and thoughts. Pleasing others with truthful and fruitful words is also a better service which many have to learn. Thinking positively is the seed to this verbal service. This may lead our thought to render selfless deeds physically. With this motto, our volunteer Mr.B.SriRamaMurthy has identified a poor watchman Mr.D.BulliBabu in his locality LBS colony, Srikakulam who is suffering a lot with chronic piles. He is suffering from two pains one is physically another one is psychologically as he has no money even for a bit of treatment.

Volunteers’ words are LAASA’s words, volunteers hands are LAASA’s hands. On whole, LAASA is volunteercentric. With a convection of love and with an intention of service, we admit and address the requisition of any volunteer. Implementing this norm, we are able to assist the above said poor patient and provided full course of treatment.

We possess love in each act of our service. We observe service as penance because each reflection of individual is nothing but divine. Hence serving humanity is serving almighty.