Real happiness lies within you. Without knowing this truth, we search everywhere. The true nature of happiness is highly unique. It grows when we share and it will take you into a new world when you recognize that it is the subject of your inner world.

Happiness is a serious job. We cannot share it with someone when it is not with us. In fact, man’s destiny of each thought, word and deed is this happiness only.

To notice this within us, it needs a little exercise. Being honest, thinking positively, speaking lovingly, doing good with a pure heart and serving poor and needy are the little buds which will blossom further as happy flowers. To own the beauty of this happiness, our volunteer Mrs.S.Jagadamba has initiated the distribution of basic need of clothes to the most deserving leprosy patients at Visakhapatnam.

We the LAASA always fit with love in providing benefit to the needy in a speedy way. Let us own the treasure of happiness through some little helpless practices. LAASA is always a screen to reflect your wonderful pics of serving and happiest moments.