Slowly the sunlight hides itself in the west doors in the sunset time. The tired body relaxes and feels some cool breeze when the supper is finished; the mind just falls on the bed to have a sleep full of dreams. As a preface to this, we recollect the day routine. In this chain of thoughts we find the old boredom mechanical routine style of life commenting us that nothing is new. Yes! Many of us witness such routine nights without any flavor of some remarkable deed in the day schedule. We need to possess at least a good moment of love and selfless help to have satisfaction and to have a beautiful end in each day’s activity.

Such wonderful serving and loving moments must shine like stars in the sky of our life. To witness these kinds of fabulous moments, our volunteer Mr.G.Balaraju has taken the responsibility of providing food to a very old and poor lady Lachhamma at Thandyalapeta village, Garamandal, Srikakulam dist. For past 12 months, LAASA has provided food provisions to this needy old lady through its volunteer and we rededicate for service by taking upon the challenge of continuing this noble thought for coming 12 months.

We the LAASA are the creator of golden moments in the wonderful lives of its valuable volunteers. We salute the compassion and contribution.