Humanity, in general, is perceived as charity. As the old saying goes, it begins at home. It spreads across the roads we travel, places we dwell, and people we meet. Humanity, not as many criticize, is scarce today. It is very much available in plenty. In fact, it has grown and evolved much better than centuries ago. From the individualistic aspect to a social, or even in a much larger perspective, humanity has thrived well in embracing and supporting the human race in many different forms. Nevertheless more and more people are still out there who are not that fortunate to live the humanity in its central point of its existence; they are out there to seek the rays of hope and love and brace the traces of passion and kindness.

This humanity is auto-generation element in human life. With a source of love and source of service, it reaches one to other. As a symbol of this humanity, our volunteer Mr.T.SivaChandrakanth has fed a needy sick person Mr.V.Mohan Rao’s family at KothaNakkavanipalem, Visakhapatnam dist. Mr.Mohan how ever worked as a daily waged labor in a company. He fell ill and is too sick and week to earn his daily bread, to support to these most deserving situation of this needy person. We the LAASA provided 100 day food project. This project is a bowl of rice providing food to the burning bellies and filling them not only with food but also with love.