Love leads to expansion, hatred leads to contraction. Contentment is heaven, grief is hell. We can be in the heavenly status on this earth just by expanding our love. It is faster than the air, stronger than a thunder. The goodness we adopt in our words and deeds is the seed for this expansion of love. Love is universal. It has neither barriers nor warriors. Each one of us is its reflection.

To enjoy the true contentment’s taste, our volunteer Mr.M.Sivannarayana have decided to help a poor and a needy student Mr.K.V.Sairam of Martur, Prakasam dist. Mr.K.V.Sairam discontinued his studies after tenth class due to the death of his father. He is now a milk boy and feeding their mother and brother. In fulfilling his desire of studies, LAASA provided educational assistance. We the LAASA always the knowledge giver and we are the love shower and we blossom the humanity flower.