All help you render to others is service to the self alone.Pots of water in which the sun is reflected may be many but the sun is one! The very same current runs through and activates all appliances. This is the meaning of the scriptures quote “Ishavasyamidamsarvam”-God is present in everyone in equal measure, nothing more nothing less! Service is best built on this strong foundation of “Tat-Twam-asi”- That and this are the same; there is only one, there is no other! All help that you give, is help given to yourself; all service is to the self alone.

Practicing these Vedic principles, our volunteer Mrs.V.C.S.Suvarchalahasrendered a selfless service activity at Srikakulam. S.MonicaGayatri, a poor and meritorious inter student is in a troublesome position. Her mother was injured in an accident and father was unable to earn at least bread. The mother was not able to earn because of her hand fracture, these poor parents are not able to pay the college fee of the girl.

We the LAASA provided educational assistance by giving a part of college fee. LAASA believes that all the essence of spirituality lies in love and service. Hence we love all and serve all.