The body has been gifted in order to serve others.Body is meant to perform good deeds. When you put this body to proper use, you will have a good mind. When you have a good mind, you can earn the love of God. “This is my duty, I am born to serve.”- It is with such an attitude you should take up with service. One who dedicates his/her time, skill and strength to service can never meet defeat, distress or disappointment, for service is its own reward. His words will be ever sweet and soft, his gestures ever revered and humble. He will have no foe, fatigue and fear. To render service to others to the limit of your capacity is real spirituality.

With this attitude, our volunteer Mr.K.V.D.PrasadRao have rendered service to 3 poor and deserving meritorious sisters Gopika Sri (15), Harika Sri (12) and Devi Sri (10) at Yellandu, Khammam dist., Telangana. Their father was a paralysis patient and led 3 good kids. They were not in a position to purchase even notebooks. We the LAASA provided educational assistance and fill their minds with a little satisfaction.

Do not forget that service is the taste of life. If you miss it, you will miss everything in life.