People get depressed when they feel disconnected, cut off from the joys and sorrows of the rest of the world, imprisoned in their own concerns. But the more we expand our sense of self and connection with others, the more we feel that we’re all in this cosmic drama together and we’re all helping each other through it. That feeling of connection comes from daily introspection and service. The more you feel it internally the more you feel like sharing it. And the more you share it the more you feel it internally. The two aspects – self-realization and service – are complimentary, feeding into each other like a river feeds into the sea, the sea water in turn evaporating and feeding back into the river in a beautiful cycle of integrated oneness. “It is action that makes a person great. Be great by your sadhana (spiritual practice), by your service, and by your sacrifice.”

This sacrifice can be done only when we hold a selfless thought in our heart. The selfless thought is a connection of love which ties all of us in a unique manner. A selfless effort is like a seed which gives fruits in future through its development and transformation.

This philosophical note is being practiced by our volunteers P.Bheemarao and team. They have identified a poor and meritorious girl N.Pratibha studying inter. Her parents were so poor for they were not able to pay a little hostel fee.

LAASA provided her educational assistance at K.Kotapadu village, Srikakulam dist. Let us go in service to reach the goal, let us flow in love to reach the soul. This is what we admire in LAASA.