Code : A00140

Project : Educational Assistance

Volunteer : Mr.B.Krishna Rao

Need : A poor student

LAASA’s Solution : Provided books and material

Beneficiaries : Y.Ganga Rao

Location : Srikakulam

All those who are in high positions will acquit themselves as true human beings only when they render selfless service to their fellow-men. Plunge yourselves in society and take part in service activities. If men and women together render service, our country will be a gloriously prosperous nation. In every country, men and women should render service to those in need. All religious practices are worthless without service to one’s fellowmen. Without the spirit of service, holding any udhyoga is meaningless. Service is an expression of gratitude to society. Your name, fame, all the comforts you enjoy, are derived from society. Sheer gratitude demands that one should serve society which is the source of all you benefits. It should not be done in a spirit of condescension or to achieve some ulterior selfish objective. It should proceed from an awareness of what you owe to society.

This eternal human service can be provided in form of food, education or medicine to the poor and the needy, to the deserving and to the under privileged people. The assistance for the education to the poor students is like a seed which gives ripen fruits of great nation of tomorrow.

Y. Ganga Rao – A B.Tech. 1st year student who is meritorious in his academics but not having the source to purchase his books and material. We – the LAASA provided educational assistance through our volunteer Mr. B. Krishna Rao at Srikakulam.

Knowledge may be the property but it’s not owned by the rich only… if we give a helping hand to the poor and meritorious students, they will reach the sky and show the world a path with light and bright. This is what LAASA believes in.