Code : A00139

Project : Educational Assistance

Volunteer : Mrs. Jagadamba and Dr.KrishnaSarath

Need : Young students who are pursuing

Graduation and Intermediate basic were

Deprived of basic needs to pursue education.

LAASA’s Solution : Provided Books,Uniforms and Collegefee


Location : Visakhapatnam

We cannot catch the fish and feed the needy every time. But we can teach them how to catch the fish. When the younger generation is helped to realize their dreams, they will certainly be helpful to the society. Though Government has a greater role to play in providing free compulsory education to its children, we cannot rule out our duty to help the under privileged. When you lend a hand to a teen, you are helping a man of future and his generations forever. LAASA and its volunteers know it very well. Whenever and wherever a little bud looks for helping hands, our volunteer appears there. LAASA stands with them and supports them.

There are five college going students in Visakhapatnam, who are very poor and down trodden. Some are orphans. Some have parents, but cannot get basic needs for proper education. Some strive to get even a plate full of meal every day. They are Prasanthi, Radha, Padma, Srinivas andSiva who reside in slum areas in Visakhapatnam. Three of them are pursuing Graduation and two are studying Intermediate. They cannot buy books and uniform. Some of them even cannot pay the college fee. Their parents do very small jobs to make a living. One parent sells salt on a cart. Two other parents are servant maids. Every student has a very poor economical back ground. But the common thing in them is their will to get better education.

Our VolunteersMrs.Jagadamba and Dr.KrishnaSarath have identified their urge for a prosperous tomorrow. They could see a great future in the young fellows’ bright eyes. For Mrs. Jagadamba helping a needy is not a new task. In fact, all the above five students were supported by Mrs.Jagadamba every now and then. Now she joins with LAASA for their education, along with her son Dr.KrishnaSarath. Being a scholar and a man of science Dr. Krishna Sarath knows the value of education. He knows that when a little plant is nurtured properly, how it will transform into a giant tree. Dr.KrishnaSarath not only learnt how to treat the diseases in human body, but also learnt to eradicate the diseases in the society. They approached LAASA, and we together provided what the young people need. We gave them a chance to understand that they are not helpless, as long as LAASA is there. LAASA will be there as long as needy are there.