Code : A00142

Project : Basic Needs Assistance

Volunteer : Mr.Kalivarapu Prasad

Need : A poor and needy paralysis patient

LAASA’s Solution : Provided flexible cot and medicine

Beneficiaries : PogiriSaraswati

Location : Kotagudi Colony, Pathapatnam Village, Srikakulam Dist.

Offerings that are made with no defilement of egoism are gladly accepted by the Lord.God should be touched and moved by your devotion to him in order to respond to your love. This will never happen so long as there is ego in you. One has to eliminate the ego totally. Even a trace of it will bring a disaster. However long you may do meditation or how constant may be your japa, a little ego will render them barren of results. So, try to avoid the ego marring your spiritual efforts, even to a small extent. To remove the evil of egoism, service is the most efficient instrument. With this instrument you can repair yourself and control your egoistic nature. Always we must try to notice the difference between the ego and the self-respect.

Keeping yourself down and uplifting the needy will certainly be the symbol of your self-respect and controls the poisonous ego which is really sweet but merely harms us. The selfless service is the only medicine to control this ego. With this spiritual essence, our volunteer Mr.Kalivarapu Prasad tried to render a selfless deed by providing a flexible cot and medicine to Mrs.PogiriSaraswati(63) at Kotagudi Colony, PathapatnamVillage, Srikakulam Dist. who is a paralysis patient. She was unable to sleep on the floor and her poverty is not allowing her at least to lie down peacefully on a cot.

We the LAASA, feel good to provide the basic need to this needy old patient. Our breath is love and our vision is service. We not only render good deeds, but also we feel that these are god deeds.