Code : A00148

Project : Food & Nutrition (Including 100 day food programme)

Volunteer : Mr.D.Gollababu

Need : 2 poor & needy orphan children who was unable to

earn food due to death of their grandmother.

LAASA’s Assistance : Renewal of 100 day food programme

Beneficiaries : Sanyasiamma and Saraswati

Location : Pattikayalavalasa Village, Srikakulam Dist.

When you earn through the god’s grace will confer on you enduring benefits greater than the wealth you earn by any other means. God’s grace is the greatest wealth. You must seek the divine. Then, the whole Universe becomes yours. Try to win His grace by reforming your habits, reducing your desires and refining your nature. One step makes the next one easier; that is the unique quality of the loving and serving path. With each step, your strength and confidence increases and you feel the Lord’s grace all the more. In fact, you are the mighty and you are the supreme. Win means winning in. we want the attention of all if we want to acquire this, we must win our in first. This can be attained only through proper selfless thoughts and deeds.

LAASA is able to reach this goal to go near and touch the needy soul. 2 orphan children Sanyasiamma and Saraswati at PattikayalavalasaVillage, Srikakulam Dist. are fed continuously by LAASA after the death of their only grandmother Thavitamma. Our volunteers Mr.D.Gollababu and Govindrao feel privilegedto help these poor little kids.

The grace of god cannot be generated by statues and idols; it can be generated by the god that resides in one’s inner soul. That’s why win- W for winning, IN for inner soul.