Activity code : A000155

Project : Basic Needs Assistance

Volunteers : Kalivarapu Prasad

Need : A poor old man who suffered due to electric shock.

LAASA’s assistance : Provided Basic Needs like walking stand, repair of cot, etc.

Beneficiaries : Thambayya

Location : Neelakanteswara Temple, Pathapatnam, Srikakulam Dist.

In this world you see many names and forms. Does it mean they are all different from each other? No. All are one. It is only Divinity that expresses itself as mother, father, brother, sister, etc. Different people may ascribe different names to the Atmic reality and try to define it in different ways. But the underlying Atmic principle is one and the same. Names and forms may be different, but the under

lying truth is one. When you keep this principle of truth in view, love will flow from you incessantly. Immerse yourself in the ocean of love. Do not give up love under any circumstance. Even if someone were to hate you, treat him as your own brother. Spirituality does not mean leading lonely ascetic life. Spirituality means getting rid of attachment and hatred and looking upon the whole humanity as one. Everyone should understand this inner meaning of Spirituality. When we render service with a divine thought, it becomes spirituality. Selfless service is the one and only formula to enjoy the divinity of spirituality in this world. Let us share a limitless love upon which we come across. This is the true meaning of service and spirituality.
With this divine thought our volunteer Mr.K.Prasad have provided food and basic needs assistance to a 90 year old homeless person Mr.Thambayya at Neelakanteswara Temple, Pathapatnam, Srikakulam Dist.

Till the day Mr.Thambayya feels as if he had no one to take care of. But LAASA stood like a family and supported him in all ways. The grace of god does not come from the statues or rocks. A satisfied vibration from a needy heart is the true bless. All of our volunteers are such blessing receivers