What we are

Activity code : A000156

Project : Basic Needs Assistance

Volunteers : S.Govinda Rajulu, B.Venkata Rao and M.Thriveni

Need : A spinal cord broken patient.

LAASA’s assistance : Provided cot to the patient.

Beneficiaries : A.Ganesh

Location : Ampolu village, Srikakulam Dist.

Man’s destiny is to return to his source and merge into that source. To be born as a human being is a great fortune. For, man alone can attain the status of the Divine by recognizing the reality of his being. No beast or bird can reach that height of realization. But, it is tragic that instead of valuing the chance and utilizing it, man fritters his years away and dies without attaining the goal. He is disgracing himself and denying his high destiny. But, what a pity, he does not dedicate his life to the Divine; instead he is caught up in the vain pursuit of comforts and cost living. A minute’s reflection will reveal to him how far he is from attaining the stage of self-realization. All experience, all knowledge, all actions should be directed towards that goal. If we want to realize what we are, we have to notice the unique value of our life and love. We get more knowledge and get awareness over many things. But we lack in knowing what we are. The question of what we are can be answered when we express selfless love around our fellow beings.

Our volunteers S.Govinda Rajulu, B.Venkata Rao and M.Thriveni have experienced an eternal bliss by rendering a little selfless service. Mr.A.Ganesh, a spinal cord broken patient was earlier given medical assistance by LAASA at Ampolu village, Srikakulam Dist. Now bed sores have formed and his body is infected. To provide a bit of comfort to this most deserving bed ridden patient, we the LAASA provided an air bed.

Men and Things may come and may go. But the love we possess will stay forever. This is the real answer to the question of what we are